Why does sexual selection follow natural selection

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Why does sexual selection follow natural selection

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п»їDo you go out with a paranoid, jealous and controlling man? 10 signs to identify it
Constantly measure everything you do for fear that the smallest detail may annoy you. You feel that your relationship is so fragile that any reason causes a discussion to break out. You may be dating a man who is too controlling and the best thing to do is to get away from him as soon as possible. Here we leave the 10 signs to identify it.

To know if we are caught in a relationship in which we can not be ourselves and we feel controlled, we must first analyze the situation in the moments when they make us feel that way. You may consider why that is happening to you but even in fiction we find toxic relationships of which, if you were a protagonist, you should stay away. Here we give you 10 signs to be able to identify it and be able to flee as soon as possible. A relationship has to make you happy, it does not have to be cause for suffering!

1. Always want to know where you are
Male controllers can not stand the idea of ​​not knowing where you are or what you are doing. This type of man has to know exactly your movements, otherwise he calls you without stopping and keeps sending you messages. You need to know what you do.
2. He is a jealous manIt is angry when you are with your friends or just to hear you mention a man who is not him, these are clear signs of jealousy on the part of your partner. You can end it or have to deal with this situation of fear and control forever.
3. He has a strict routine. He is a very rigid man in the routine, he wants you to do everything together always following the same schedules. You would like to break with it and do things on your own but he has even planned what you will eat within a week. You have to control it and plan it all which leaves you no time for yourself.
Once the infatuation phase is over, it is when you can really see and value how it is, since it will show your authentic personality. You must bear in mind that your controlling manias as time goes by will increase more and more.
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4. Your cell phone is your cell phone "Who sent you that message?" Let me see! "," That name sounds familiar to me but ... What do you know about it? " If these phrases are familiar to you, it is that they are before a man who does not respect your privacy. He believes that your cell is an extension of his cell and that he can see everything. There are some limits between sharing your life to make it a unique one in which he watches everything without leaving your own space.
5. He is the one who criticizes you the most. There are men who, in order to feel better about themselves, need to make others feel bad. Undervaluing your successes, criticizing all your decisions or simply your way of dressing are telltale signs to get away from that relationship.
6. Know everything There is a big difference between being a "know-it-all" and imposing opinions. Men like this have to always be right, know or ignore the subject, do not accept any comment or criticism to what they say. Your freedom of expression is totally limited.
7. Control your friendships. It does not support that you leave a weekend with your friends and presses you so that you stay with the excuse that you leave him alone. He does not want you to be with your friends, just you and him.
8. Too Attentive A thin line separates being attentive or loving to control every movement you make. Even if it seems strange to you, this can be done by means of gestures as kind as asking you how are you every few minutes or more insistent actions like constantly calling you. Behind all these situations that may seem details you can hide an insane obsession to know what you are doing.
9. You have to organize everything from your food to the clothes you buy: nothing can be beyond your control and organization. All the plans that you want to make have to go through your revision beforehand. Your fixation to organize everything can come to manifestations like wanting you to wear the hairstyle that he likes. They may seem like small details but in the long run they go on until you do not realize and you do not control your own life anymore.
10. Obsessive Treating a control freak can be exhausting, especially when your partner is always on the defensive for everything you do. Anything makes you angry and obsessed, as for example that you remove the connection time of WhatsApp.
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